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Happy Clients

"Dante is great at what he does, his wealth of knowledge and his passion are evident in everything he does. He is also patient and kind which makes confiding in him and taking advice from him very comfortable."  ~  Sarah





"Dante is a patient person with great skill for bringing people along with him. His outlook is always to achieve the set goal in a non- judgmental fashion. 

Boundless enthusiasm, energy , and a large database of information make him well equipped to deal with all people and situations. 

Independently he has tutored me on my business venture as a Bio Energy therapist and healer. 

He has coached me to look from outside the box and set out what I originally thought were far out goals."   ~  


Joseph McGuinness





"I believe that Dante has an unique ability to assist people over a broad spectrum as it is evident that he is a focused in giving a person the best possible professional assistance. I appreciate his time , effort and his ability to possess a vast knowledge on subjects as well as being very approachable. He is highly articulate and he responds to requests at all times with the best possible options and referrals. Mr. Petrilla puts his best in his work at hand and is reliable on all levels."  ~  Nicky





"I am 40, a single mother and full time carer for my own 82 year old mother. My head was firmly stuck in mistakes I'd made in the past. I was constantly doubting and criticising myself. My world had become so small and I slowly began to realise, that I was going around in ever decreasing circles.


Although I knew that I wanted to change, I honestly, had no idea how to change. I didn't know where to start. Having worked with Dante, and knowing that he had been pursuing a career in Life Coaching, I took a chance and messaged him (almost 4 years after I'd last seen him) and asked if he was a practising Life Coach. When he replied that he was now fully qualified, I think I actually breathed a sigh of relief. Someone was going to help me figure it out. Not someone who had their own agenda for me, but someone impartial, and professional.


I was excited and nervous starting on my trip with Dante. I spent the first session mostly crying.... sobbing even.... and I am smiling now thinking about the person I was just 2 months ago, and how sad she was. I'm not sad anymore. The lessons can be difficult, but Dante never puts pressure on you to do anything. There is an understanding from the start, that although he will guide you through the process, he will never take you further than you are ready to go. There is no disappointment, no judgment, only encouragement and a running theme of "it's ok to be you".


Since I began my sessions with Dante, things have definitely changed for the better for me. Even in ways that did not expect or associate with the process. My 17 year old son has noticed a difference in me. There is less stress in the house, a LOT less. Our relationship is so much better. My Mother is a lot more content, and relaxed as a result. I am interacting with people outside my small circle a lot better and a lot more often. I only worry a fraction of the time I used to (usually about our cat) I am beginning to see my self worth.


If I were writing this in a private message a friend, it would be peppered with smiley faces. (Apparently I smile more now too) I am not finished my sessions yet, but already, I am so much more positive and relaxed, than I EVER remember being. I am truly grateful to Dante for his understanding and his passion for what he does is infectious! I know that I am a better person already, and I look forward to finishing the journey with him. If you really feel like it's time to change something in your life, whether you know what that 'something' is or not, it's time to contact Dante."  ~  Suzanne





"I looked Dante up after spending a long time trying to figure things out for myself and getting nowhere!  In short I finished working 11 years ago to look after the kids.  A few years later we moved across the country which has been brilliant but living in a rural area with my husband travelling for work, means that things are usually busy at home! 


I've been really conscious over the last few years of my desire to start preparing for getting out in the world again but was spinning my wheels when it came to making concrete plans. It was really frustrating & starting to impact on my day to day frame of mind. I started meeting with Dante weekly and very quickly found myself really enjoying our sessions! 


Dante is so positive and non-judgmental but he certainly challenged me and some of my 'sacred cows'!  He enabled me to take a step back, look at what what's really important to me and helped me to prioritise these values and use them to help me make plans.  It's been like a big mental Spring Clean! 


By reviewing some of the past events from my personal & working life, its cleared my mind to focus on what I will do from here.  I've gained a lot of experience of a different kind in the last 11 years and I feel that I now know how I can use it. 


With Dante's help I've developed short-term & long term goals.  Best of all though, with Dante's help I now have a different perspective on my own life with the help of small tips and tools which I use every day.  I'm not waiting anymore for everyone else in the family to get sorted before I make plans for myself and I'm just so much happier!"  ~ Kathryn

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