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An End to Stress


I know you’re experiencing stress, or you wouldn’t even be reading these words.  So many people are feeling incredible levels of stress these days.  You know how damaging it is to both your physical and mental health.  You know how awful it makes you feel, and you need a solution.

There are many stressful situations in life – dealing with a difficult boss, trouble paying the bills, talking to the opposite sex, going on job interviews, learning new skills, etc.  The list could go on and on.  Life presents you with stress at every corner! 

And in the current climate, stress is at an all-time high.

But there are ways to reduce your stress levels.

You see, stress isn’t truly real. That's right - stress doesn’t exist anywhere out there in the physical world.  You can't go into the supermarket and buy a box, can, or tub of stress.

Stress is caused by your thoughts, your reactions to various situations you’re facing, and it has a very real, and very damaging physiological as well as a psychological effect on you.  It manifests physically in many different ways in your body, which is what gives you the symptoms that many people experience such as a rapid pulse, nausea, shaking, sweaty palms, headaches, etc.

So if the problem is caused by your thoughts, the place to solve it is with your thoughts.

This is why I have created this program - An End to Stress, which is specially designed to work in a number of different ways on your thoughts.  Additionally, it works to calm and slow down your brain, which you will notice has a very soothing effect.

Here’s how the program works.

I have created special affirmations designed to relieve stress.  They focus your mind on calm, peaceful, tranquil thoughts.  These affirmations are presented by three different voices and overlap in stereo.  Some you will hear in your left ear, some you will hear in your right ear and some will seem to come from the center.  The voices are presented in this way so as to confuse your conscious mind and thus bypass its critical factor.

Everything we’re exposed to has to go through this critical factor that our conscious mind has.  It’s like a filter.  It filters out things we don’t agree with, lets in things we do agree with, and sets aside other things we’re not sure about. 

But our goal here is to get you thinking thoughts that will allow you to experience peace instead of stress.  So to do this, we bypass this critical factor of the conscious mind and let the affirmations go straight into your subconscious mind where they will install themselves and over time allow you to begin to think less stressful thoughts.

As well as this, there are recordings included which present the affirmations to your subconscious mind subliminally.  They are inaudible to your conscious mind, but your subconscious hears and responds to them.

Additionally, there is an 8-hour recording which includes the affirmations very softly mixed with ocean wave sounds, so that you can listen as you sleep and let the power of these affirmations take hold and ease your stress.

All of the recordings are created using the technology of brainwave entrainment.  What is brainwave entrainment? Your brain operates at different frequencies at different times.  The frequencies are Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.  Beta (12 to 38Hz) is normal, waking consciousness.  Alpha (8 – 12Hz) is what you would experience when you’re reading, listening to peaceful music, or maybe just working in your garden.  Theta (3 – 8Hz) is where you’re hovering between sleep and wakefulness, and Delta (0.5 to 3 Hz) is deep sleep.

The brain can be effectively tuned to any of these frequencies using binaural beats.  This is brainwave entrainment, and this is what I have used to create these recordings.

There are two morning recordings, both at Beta, where the affirmations are presented both audibly and subliminally, so you can choose which you like best.

There are two afternoon recordings, both at Alpha, where the affirmations are presented in the same way.  Perfect for listening to on your lunch break.

And there are 2 evening recordings, both at Theta, where again the affirmations are presented in the same way.

This gives you a choice of what time of day you would like to listen, and in what way you would like to experience the affirmations.  But you can also listen to any of these recordings at any time of day, provided you are not driving or operating heavy machinery.

And there is also an 8 hour night time recording.  The night time recording uses Delta tones to help you sleep soundly.  These tones are mixed with ocean waves and the affirmations at a very low, but audible level.

All you have to do is listen and relax!

Binaural beats require the use of stereo headphones and work by presenting a tone of one frequency, say 100Hz to one ear and another tone at a different frequency, say 105Hz to the other ear.  Your brain will automatically tune to the difference between these frequencies, which in this case is 5Hz.

Isochronic tones make use of what is called the frequency following response, which means that the brain will tune to or synchronise with whatever beat is being presented to it.  Isochronic tones are useful as they do not require the use of headphones, and can simply be played in the background at a low audible rate.

The best part? I'm giving this program away.  The download link is here: An End to Stress


Brainwave entrainment is not intended to treat any medical condition, cure any disease, nor should it be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice.  Those who suffer from epilepsy or other severe mental disorders should not use brainwave entrainment technology without the approval of a medical professional.  Brainwave entrainment is not recommended for pregnant women, those who have pacemakers, those who are photosensitive, those who are prone to seizures, those who are under the influence of drugs or medication, or those prone to epileptic seizures.  Brainwave entrainment should never be used while operating machinery or while driving any vehicle, or in any situation where one is required to be alert and aware.  Brainwave entrainment should only be used by adults, aged 18 or over.

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