• Dante Petrilla


Giving thanks - gratitude. It's something we pay lip service to, and it's a big part of the new age mentality, but do we really practice this in a meaningful way? Are we truly grateful for all the good we have in our lives?

I've asked the question of people in the past: What are you grateful for? Some have struggled to answer the question. The reality is that if you are reading these words, you have much to be grateful for, though you may be taking it for granted.

As an exercise, I ask my clients to compile a list of everthing they are grateful for and then to read that list every morning and every evening before turning in for the night. And I ask them to add just one thing to the list every day.

So what are you grateful for? Start the exercise today and in a month or 2, (if you keep it up every day) see how it begins to change your thinking.

Here are a few things to be grateful for:

  • Your eyesight (in fact, all your senses)

  • Shelter

  • Heat

  • Clean drinking water...

Now you keep the list going. See how much you can come up with, and then read your list every day. Have full appreciation of all the wonderful things and people in your life, and give thanks for it all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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